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Take a look at our first "How to..." video on YouTube:
We've released another "How to..." video on YouTube:, this time showing you how to get MVC Forum running on MVC 4.

If you get one or more errors when initializing the MVC Forum application, take a look at the Initialization errors description.

If you want to run in the cloud, take a look at our guide on how to run MVC Forum on Azure.

Thank you

A big thank you to these people who have (probably) unknowingly contributed to this project:

Kenn Jacobsen (@ Illumi - for listening to my ideas and giving me feedback)

Steven Sanderson (Knockout - and for writing a great ASP.NET MVC book)
Nate Kohari (Ninject -
Niels Kühnel (the localisation framework)
CodeKicker (BBCode for .NET -
Chris van de Steeg (Embedded, compiled views
Joel (Akismet .NET API
James Newton-King (Json.NET -

ST Software (The forum design -
Free CSS Templates (The forum admin design -

The people behind Lucene.Net (
The people behind jQuery (
The ASP.NET and MVC people from Microsoft (

And anybody I have forgotten!

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