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The simple MVC Forum

MVC Forum is a simple, easy to use, bulletin board system / forum. It's built using a provider model, so any parts that doesn't work like you want them to, can be exchanged easily. MVC Forum works with themes, if you don't like the phpBB styled theme included in the project, it's simple to create another look and feel.

The application is based on ASP.NET MVC 3, Ninject 3 and Entity Framework 5, and can easily be deployed to Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud. Of course MVC Forum can take advantage of the cloud, using blob storage and a SQL Azure database.

If you want more power, you just add more instances. No worries! Attachments, search indexes and data is all handled properly and made to work in the cloud.

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Contributors - Please read

Go visit the Contribute! page.

The roadmap

Go to the 'Downloads' page and click the 'planned' link on the right. That will show you a list of planned releases. The planned features for each release will be mentioned in the description. If you have any ideas, request, etc. please create an issue on the 'Issue Tracker' page, that way you can have your say in what's important and what's not!


If you download our project (the releases or source code), and run into any problems, please tell us! You can do this on the page, or by signing up on and posting your issues. This is the only way we can help you and we feel it's only fair that you help us out in return for the free software we provide you with :)


With the release of version 1.0 we've put MVC Forum on NuGet. All major and minor releases will be available from NuGet. Only major releases will be available as download from this site. So please go to for the latest releases.

For release notes/changelog details, please visit the News and announcements forum.

That's it!

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