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Ajax call not hitting the controller action method, status 500 , Internal Server Error

Apr 2, 2014 at 2:39 PM
My Ajax call to controller action method is not hitting the controller , it breaks in between. It says that xhr.status = 500 , response text = Internal Server Error

The same code is working fine in other project.

.Js code

ajaxCall: function (data, url, success, error, noShow) {
// make sure that there is never an empty POST body to protect against proxy allowing too soon
if (!data) {
    data = "{'dummy':1}";
var reqData = data;
    type: "POST",
    traditional: true,
    url: url,
    data: data,
    // switch on/off geenraic AJAX events bound globally
    /** @default false
    global: !(noShow || false),
    cache: false,
    dataType: "json",
    // add CSRF token to each request
    beforeSend: function (xhr) { /* jquery 1.5.* use headers */
        var csrf_token = $("[name=__RequestVerificationToken]").val();
        xhr.setRequestHeader('__RequestVerificationToken', csrf_token);
    contentType: "application/json",
    success: function (data) {
    error: function (a, b, c) {
        // repeat ajax call when "Empty body element" message gets returned. It means that proxy challenge was completed too soon.
        if (a.responseText == "EmptyBodyElement")
            Service.ajaxCall(reqData, url, success, error);
        else {
            if (error)
                error(a, b, c);
                Service.responseError(a, b, c);
},I am receiving error in jQuery1.9.1

if ( callback && ( isAbort || xhr.readyState === 4 ) ) xhr.status = 500 shr.responsetext = Internal Server Error

The same code working in other projects , I have checked all the regrences are in place.
Apr 3, 2014 at 8:43 AM
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