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Newbie to MVC trying to get this to run!

Oct 16, 2012 at 9:53 PM


I'm familiar with ASP.NET sites (C#) and wanted to start working with the MVC pattern. I have a soft spot for phpforum and decided to start digging into MVCforum to get used to working with with MVC and start giving back to the .Net community. (You may remember I contacted you via Twitter as @kahn265).

I created a DB in SQL Server '08 and successfully compiled this with VS2010 (will be moving to 2012). I'm getting a number of run-time errors of various shapes and sizes and want to be sure that this isn't ME (it probably is). Is there a recommended version of Visual Studio for compiling MVCForum? I'll also see about contributing to documentation.

I intend to be running a version of this on my website ( when I have wrapped my head around it so I can test code to submit back.

Oct 17, 2012 at 1:13 PM

Hi, yes, I remember the tweet!

First off, you shouldn't create the database, the forum will do that itself when needed. Creating an empty database will probably make it fail, as it expects to find the tables. You just need to make sure the SQL user has permissions to create a new database. (I might drop the SQL for the tables, as this seems to be a common mistake).

I'm working on MVC Forum in VS 2010, but will probably switch soon to 2012. Have you tried downloading the v0.9 sample site? Unless you need to change something in the core of the forum software (or contribute), you're better off getting the sample site and starting out with that.

I'll contact you by e-mail, so I can help you get started (and you can point me in the direction of any errors you find).

But first off, delete the database and try again.