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General List of Suggestions

Jun 24, 2012 at 6:17 AM

Id' be nice to have a roadmap much like Subtext forum had when Phil Haack was running it: /
and also formal release notes, QA test steps, etc. and a bunch of other good doc ideas you can grab from that old project in terms of documentation... even in beta versions.

Both these would be a great addition to this project.

Also I've been looking at NopCommerce's forum and it looks good so you might want to get some of the features it has and code it into this forum such as Facebook & Twitter integration, etc.

Would be nice to get a TinyMCE editor for the post editor or other jQuery editors out there.

by no means am I saying this needs to be like NoPCommerce or Subtext but there are some fundamental things that would be nice to add in this open source project as stated (release doc, roadmap, backlog for features/bugs, some features many other forums have like FB integration, etc.)

An important point I'd like to make is don't rush to have this forum do too much outside the boundary of just getting the bulk of base features done first.  What I mean is, this doesn't need to integrate with phones yet.  First just get the basic and advanced features people expect (i.e. Facebook integration, Twiter Integration, a good editor plugin, and other basics such as just lists and dashboard, stuff like top 10 posters bucket on the front page of the forum, Who's online, small simple stuff like this that are essential to the usability and adoption of this forum first.

You will get a lot of requests to do Mobile, Integrate into this or that, but first get this thing solid and a lot of small features in this first.

Just my opinion.  Another thing, there needs or should be IMO a code review process that some contributors take part in or volunteer some time to when possible as well as a code standards doc.  I can't stand stuff like unecessary comments in methods or properties when they are just saying the same thing as the method name for example or stuff like not putting brackets on the next line:

public void SomeMethod{

personally I hate this.

public void SomeMethod


much better

While I realize this is open source and it's not gonna be "happy" for everyone in their code quality suggestions, there still needs to be an official code standards doc regardless that people follow.

Just some ideas here.

Jun 28, 2012 at 8:20 AM

Thank you for your feedback, and I'm sorry about the delay in getting back to you!

I would love to do a proper roadmap, but I'm not really sure what to put in a roadmap. There's not a lot of requests for new features, but I guess I could look at the "competition". But as you said yourself, MVC Forum should not end up as bloat-ware with every possible (and impossible) forum feature! Also the usual excuse for not doing a proper roadmap, test plan, documentation etc., is that it's a one-man project at the moment.

MVC Forum already have a simple (clean text), a BBCode and a MarkUp editor, and I've made it really simple to add additional editors, so it shouldn't be too big a deal to include TinyMCE (apart from the fact that I've never worked with that one).

I actually did Facebook integration early on, and decided to not put it in the project, mainly because I figured people would use MVC Forum on existing sites, so would already have user handling in place, but that might be worth another look.

Generally your point about making this more of a finished package are spot on, instead of leaving the frontpage empty, I should probably think of MVC Forum as a stand-alone project, that needs to run out-of-the-box.

I can see we don't agree on the formatting of code, but yes, again, I totally agree on the points! If any contributors decide to help, I'll need to do code reviews, and hopefully somebody can review my code too!